In most cases, misappropriated assets are withdrawn to one of several jurisdictions with low taxes and traditionally complicated procedures for recovery.
The services are subject to establishing client relationship that follow the corporate Clients Relationship Guidelines for concluding contracts.

Our services, based on our Management Consulting Guidelines include:
– Tracing assets worldwide;
– Identification of assets and capital;
– Investigation of misappropriation schemes;
– Investigation of offshore offices, trustee offices, and offshore agents;
– Obtaining injunctions or freezing orders;
– Assistance with local proceedings to claim assets;
– Guidance through litigation to obtain judgments for title of assets;
– Obtaining evidence for clients, with emphasis on offshore documentation;
– Backup of domestic litigation with factual issues;
– Consulting on all associated issues.

We may work closely with law offices, with corporate counsel, with unrepresented clients, in support of claims with or without litigation involved for purposes of recovery. UTICo is subject to Corporate Compliance with the Law Guidelines, approved by its Board.

Strict confidentiality, in the interests of clients, is an absolute must in all our cases and projects, including based on outsourcing. Our work with clients are subject to the Privacy Policy and Guidelines.

Even though most of our work is not publicized, we may provide expert testimony and may make presentations on different matters to diverse audience. Our services are subject to the Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

We may work in many jurisdictions, whenever a case requires so. Those may include in a particular case about 40 jurisdictions.


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