The first key principle is the time factor. Speed of investigation and of recovery of assets is one of the keys to your success.

Most importantly, remember, that if a debt is overdue, expectations that chances to collect would increase over time are ungrounded. The general trend is right on the contrary: delay with tracing, identifying and recovering the debts due only diminishes chances, with every passing week or in some cases literally with every passing day.

The best results, from our experience, achieved if the investigation and tracing of assets are commenced within the first six months, one year, or up to two years, after the suspect transactions take place, after which chances for successful recovery quickly drop. If investigation is not commenced within approximately eight years after the misappropriation or conversion, then except for unusual cases, debts could be written off as unrecoverable any more. ARP professes the strategy of extraordinarily speedy work.

For the sake of an example highlighting the time factor, ARP achieved the freezing of more than $145 million (in the Channel Islands) on the 47th day after being contracted and about less than 3 months after the fraudulent transfers were made. For achieving that, within shortest time ARP undertook investigatory missions in the Caribbean region.

In order to evaluate the case, the probability, the plan of action, and the potential costs, it is most advisable to contact professionals in the assets recovery domain as soon as possible.

Upon a meeting and collecting initial information, we could provide you with the evaluation of feasibility, prepare a plan of action, make a costs evaluation, and draft a contract for your case.

All preliminary communications with prospective clients are automatically granted the regime of confidentiality. See the Confidentiality Policy and Electronic Security Guidelines.

The preliminary evaluation and consultation are free for prospective clients. You may contact us for preliminary evaluation without any obligations; for contact information, see the Contact link.