A Massachusetts corporation, incorporated on February 11, 1993.

(Adopted by the ad hoc Executive Committee for review of guidelines)

The organizational structure of innovation is the establishment of lasting competitive advantage in its important part. Over the past 15 years, the management theory circles appeared in a number of innovative forms of organizational structure, the main features around to simplify the enterprise’s internal organizational structure, to concentrate its limited resources to the company’s core business to build a competitive advantage in this line of thought designing organizational structure.

However, such an organizational structure of enterprises largely relies on the external environmental conditions. Among them, the management consulting industry is the enterprise implementation of the organizational innovation which involves important external conditions.

The organizational structure of enterprises is to achieve the set business objectives and strategic goals established by an internal authority, responsibility, control and coordination of the relationship between forms. Traditionally, businesses have adopted formal organizational structure is usually vertical, functional-oriented organizational structure. In this organizational structure, the vertical division of decision-making levels in stark hierarchy within a firm tend to all the information in the hierarchical structure of the vertical communication, any one grade-level decision-makers are likely to be an obstacle to further exchanges of information.

Our services include business outsourcing consulting services. Those also include: • industry research services; • industry headhunting services; • financial advisory services; • network marketing services; • outsourcing training, industry information and competitive business research services.

Our strength is using top quality IT services: our qualification and rational workflow design result in unrivalled service quality; our rigorous product control system reduces the likelihood of deviation to minimum to fully meet customer requirements. This also includes the advanced technical standards to afford assurance for the absolute security of customer information, including VPN, end-to-end data transfer, high-speed proxy servers and various information encryption techniques. We use specialized equipment and software on hand: superlative analytical ability, data processing capability, and product promotion solution software.

By leveraging the information advantage and the enormous information in storage, we will customize the most effective and reasonable solution for each customer based on our knowledge and experiences accumulated over years. Additionally, we provide a wide array of industry services such as industry research, information, outsourcing management, process optimization, business consulting, staff training, project intermediation, and headhunting. Its feature is a broad reach: our services are oriented to the service providers, outsourcing clients, industry equipment and software vendors in all outsourcing related areas.

Our commitments include: • our services can be tailored per customer needs to cover the entire service process and organization or deliver solution to a specific issue; • clients’ benefits are the only criterion we use to evaluate service results; Clients can ask us to deliver professional services anytime, and can get our feedback and reply within the shortest time possible; • multi-channel customer services: services can be delivered to customers through network, FTP, VPN, or electronic mail; • we are committed to provide the most effective services to our clients in the most cost-effective way; • we will carefully consider every need of our customers and strive to continue to improve their satisfaction.

While our deliverables are usually services, we are more willing to position our services as service products. Our lasting pursuit is to provide modular and personalized service products using the standardized and customized means and service methods. We will continue to glean outsourcing service experiences, and establish a processing engine for each service by improving every personalized service. Only in so doing, can we gradually work out service standardization procedures.

With regard to the potential need in our services, it suffices to enumerate the following: • domestic enterprises that expect to boost business operation efficiency, reduce operating costs, and systematically shape their core competency through business restructuring, service sharing and outsourcing. • domestic and international outsourcing vendors that hope to penetrate the market, and boost business operating capability. • Overseas outsourcing clients who wish to outsource projects. • overseas outsourcing vendors expecting to enter foreign markets and partner with local enterprises. • outsourcing equipment / software / service providers.