A Massachusetts corporation, incorporated on February 11, 1993.

(Adopted by the ad hoc Executive Committee for review of guidelines)

1.UTICo assists businesses in strategic planning and management of their affairs as temporary ad hoc CFO/CEO in several jurisdictions, during a project’s initial set up.
2.Complete legal compliance and all level recruitments as per client’s needs.
3.Ad hoc financial arrangement and management as CFO.
4.Strategic growth plan and assistance in implementation for desired results for the selected projects.
5.Assistance in International accounting and financial projects as project consultants.
6.We assist new foreign small and medium size organizations in planning and organizing their finance and other resources efficiently at affordable prices.
7.We assist CFO/CEO/Directors outside of the U.S. in all their planning and management functions and will keep in touch regularly, including providing human resources consulting.
8.Review of organization structure at the corporate, divisional/ departmental levels, including the evaluation of staffing requirements and assistance in manpower planning, documentation of job descriptions, and delegation of powers for changing management.
9.Review of personnel policies and procedures; review of performance appraisal systems job evaluation and grading.
10.Comparative study of remuneration including perquisites in various industries; advice on structuring of an optimal pay package within the tax structure; advice on structuring pay packages for expatriate employees.
11.Recruitment of Top and Senior Management executives- through advertisements placed on behalf of clients; placement through profile match of people registered with our sources.
12.Training on general management, finance, accounting and costing, information systems, computerization, organization, and personnel.
13.We offer to carry out the ad hoc audit of supplies as per international standard on behalf of our clients.
14.Business Plans and IPOs documentation preparation.
15.Financial structuring and funds arrangements.
16.Corporate re-structuring including mergers and acquisitions.
17.Advising on import-export regulations.
18.Advising on applicable Government Incentives for investments in a particular jurisdiction.
19.Business valuation.
20.Support services for setting up new start-ups.